So the Ashtray Electric guys have been quite quiet as of late so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that they’ll be launching their new EP WTF next week Saturday at Assembly with Lark.

This time round it’s 100% DIY on their part and the end product will also be available for free download.

In addition to launching their EP in style because, let’s be honest, their last album launch at Assembly was a killer, they’ve come up with quite a novel idea to let you design the cover for their new EP.

Let your creative minds run wild and you could win a bar tab for the launch at The Assembly on the 25th of August. And apparently if you’re “feeling provocative” they won’t mind. This really is a win-win here people.

So if you’re keen – and if you’re one of those arty people, why wouldn’t you be?? – send JPEG entries to info@ashtrayelectric.co.za by the 20th of August (Monday) and don’t forget to sign up to get the EP for free here.