Win with Eristoff and Assembly

Last Friday, the good people from Cow Africa dropped off a lovely bottle of ERISTOFF Vodka at my place.

It just so happened that this drop-off coincided with my birthday week.

Needless to say that bottle didn’t last very long.

ERISTOFF is a unique premium vodka, originally created by Prince Eristoff in 1806 in Georgia. It is made from 100% pure grain, triple distilled and charcoal filtered to create a clean, smooth taste that can be enjoyed neat, over ice or mixed.

To this day, the ERISTOFF family recipe remains a guarded secret. Being Italian, I whole-heartedly support this – I love a good secret recipe.

The Persians originally named Georgia ‘Virshan’, meaning the ‘Land of the Wolf’. Today, the wolf remains part of Georgian culture and folklore, and the ERISTOFF logo embraces the brand’s roots by featuring the silhouette of a howling wolf.

In keeping with its heritage, ERISTOFF Vodka promises an ‘Untamed Night’ for the highly sociable, spontaneous, vibrant and confident individual. And if you don’t believe us, join us at the official ERISTOFF launch at The Assembly this Friday, along with the best DJs is this bizz – Sibot, Kennedy, Audiophile and more…

Just comment on this post and tell me which act you’re most looking forward to seeing on Friday and why and you win yourself a double ticket. BOOM.

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