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Shortstraw Release New Album

The first time I saw Shortstraw was about a year and a half ago at The Boh after I walked in halfway through their set.

The 5 of them were crammed onto the matchbox-sized stage and their frontman looked pretty trashed, taking large swigs of his beer in between playing indie happy-clappy songs to a handful of people.

The whole thing was so bizarrely juxtaposed that I don’t know if anyone else could’ve pulled it off.

But I liked them so much that the next day I made a point of contacting them to feature as the LMG bandwatch act for the upcoming issue. In fact, I pretty much fell for them from that day forward.

Today they release their second album “Good Morning, Sunshine!” and it’s available for to download from here for whatever price you see fit. I gave it a quick listen this morning and it’s basically more of the same, staple sound over which fans have fallen for them. I really hope you don’t type $0 into the box when you download their album, no one should roll that way.

But before you do that, join me in welcoming Texx and the City’s first EVER contributor, Carrie Allen. Enjoy her review of Shortstraw’s track ‘Bikini Weather’ below.

In typical Shortstraw fashion, ‘Bikini Weather’ contains perfectly placed pauses, unanticipated rhythm changes and falsettos that lead singer, Alastair Thomas, pulls off superbly. The song mocks anything too serious and encapsulates the carefree attitude Shortstraw exudes.

The video for ‘Bikini Weather’, a montage of tour footage, was released last week week. In comparison to the song I feel the video falls short. Nonetheless it does perfectly portray the band’s charisma and I’m sure fans will enjoy seeing their favourite band members performing “normal” tour activities – like chasing chickens and exchanging shirts with fans.