Artist Profile: Hanro Havenga

Hanro Havenga sounds like the name of a burger at Royale.

Or a really fancy shmancy cocktail you can only get at The Planet Bar.

But who the hell am I to talk about exotic-sounding names…

I first heard Havenga’s name when we featured Dead Alphabet in Your LMG last year March, and I was sent a couple of his live black and white photographs to use for the feature.

Since then, slowly but sure, I’ve started to see his name pop-up all over the place – in my Facebook news feed, in Rolling Stone SA, in the pages and credits of Shortstraw’s album sleeve…

His photos have a really gorgeous, textured look to them. He captures a look, a moment or a scene so distinctively and grittily that he gives his subject(s) a special dynamism, so much so that I want to dive into his photos. He also embarked on a project about 2 years ago called 500 Days Of Photography where he featured a photo-a-day for 500 days of wherever he found himself at that point in time, the results of which are really striking.

Oh and apparently he makes videos too. These multi-talented people make me sick.

Also, can we all agree that this is probably the best photo you’re going to see for a long while…


Check out some more of his work below.

Like what you see? Of course you do. Now follow the dude on his blog for more eye candy.