Press Release

Platbos Reforest Festival

There comes a time when you need to stop paying lip-service to charitable causes and actually put your words into actions.

This is exactly what I’m doing at this year’s Platbos festival.

After months of talking a big game, I’ve finally decided to get down and dirty and plant a couple of trees. Yes, you read right – I’m physically going to plant a tree. Or two

For the third year running, Greenpop is hosting the Reforest Festival in Platbos forest. This annual reforestation effort has seen over 3000 indigenous trees being planted and this year their aim is to plant 4000 trees over 2 weekends.

The first weekend is the “Family Fest” and takes place from the 10th to the 12th of May. The second weekend is the “Friends Fest” and takes place from the 17th to the 19th of May, which is the one I’m attending.

So right now you’re asking yourself, what the hell is Platbos and why should I care? Well, Platbos is a relic forest with trees of over 1000 years of age, forms part of one of the rare and endangered ecosystems of the Western Cape and has a unique mix of indigenous trees from coastal and mountainous regions.

Now because parts of Platbos have been cleared over the past decades for cultivation, today, many of these cleared areas are being taken over by dense invasive alien vegetation, which pose a serious fire risk to the forest. The reforestation element of the festival is an important intervention in restoring and protecting the natural forest by pushing back the boundary of the encroaching alien vegetation and creating firebreaks to protect the forest.

Oh and did I mention they’ve got some serious entertainment lined up for the weekend too? Check out the event page for both weekends’ full line-ups.

Now tickets for the Reforest Fest are R550 (R350 for children under 12) which includes the music festival, camping, meals, all tree-planting logistics and for bookings of 6 or more the cheapest ticket will be free. Tickets for the festivals are limited as it is an intimate vibe and bookings can be made by filling out this form.

If you’re going to spend your money on anything this month, I’d urge  you to spend it on this.