This is how you do a reunion tour.

KIDOFDOOM played their last gig at Kirstenbosch in 2011 and left the gigging scene on the highest of professional highs.

This Friday they return to the stage at The Assembly in Cape Town and officially kick-off their reunion tour that will culminate at this year’s Oppikoppi in Northam.

“Deep-space-champion-pop” is what Richard Brokensha, Ryk Benade, Matthieu Auriacombe and Johan Auriacombe claim to make.

For those who have not yet had the privilege of seeing this instrumental rock band perform, if you need to know one thing, it’s that this band is a pure sensory experience. Using the typical rock set up of a drummer, a bass player and two guitarists to create music that is atypical of rock, their addition of synths, a theremin and no vocals adds to their standout appeal.

Fan can also look forward to a great mixture of old and new songs so expect all those favourites you once howled for, but never got.

Now, I have 2 double tickets to see KIDOFDOOM at either The Assembly in Cape Town or Town Hall in Johannesberg. If you fancy these tickets, all you have to do is comment on this post and tell me why I should give them to you. Eaaasy. Also don’t forget to tell me which city you’re entering from. I ain’t Nostradamus.

Winner will be notified on the morning of Thursday the 13th of June.