San Cisco Debut Pre-Stream

Say hello to Australian indie pop group San Cisco.

If you were 1 of the 4.7 million people who watched the video for their single ‘Awkward’, congratulations you have great taste.

If not, allow me to introduce you to Jordi Davieson (lead vox and guitar), Josh Biondillo (guitar), Nick Gardner (bass) and Scarlett Stevens (drums and vox).

The four-piece has garnered a lot of attention as of late and today, I’m super excited to bring you the pre-stream of their self-titled debut album.

The content of this album is great. ‘Fred Astaire’ is almost as smooth as its legendary namesake’s moves and smacks of The Kooks circa “Inside In/Inside Out”.  There’s also a super subtle Vampire Weekend lyrical undercurrent in tracks like ‘Hunter’ and ‘Metaphors’. I’m also a huge fan of the vocal harmonies and layering that is complementary rather a hotch-potched mess. Also, this band make me smile (see: well-placed whistling in ‘Wild Things’ and intro for ‘Lyall’) and will hopefully do the same for you on this rather dreary Monday.

Tinkley, cutesy and undeniably infectious, “San Cisco” will grow on me and probably become one of those albums I know all the words to.

Pre-stream the album before its official release below.


San Cisco 2