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10 Acts You Shouldn’t Miss At RTD 2013

With just 2 days to go to Rocking The Daisies [insert overwhelming emotion here] is building to breaking point.

Bitches have made their lists and are checking them twice because everybody wants to be as prepared as humanly possible. But while things like sunglasses and lilos are important, the main reason we’re all going is for the music, right? Riiight.

And with the gazillion and one acts playing on the multitude of stages this year, I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting 10 acts that you’re not going to want to miss.

  • The Black Cat Bones – Because they channel the spirit of some demon Louisiana swamp god and are rock ‘n roll personified.
  • alt-J – Because apparently every single sound you hear on ‘An Awesome Wave’ is recreated live. No backing tracks.
  • Bongeziwe Mabandla – Because he’s an urban folk audience-charmer. I fell in love with him when he spread-headed the In Memorium tribute at the SAMAs earlier this year and so did the rest of the country if Twitter is anything to go by.
  • Gangs Of Ballet – Because when I attended their album launch in Jozi I tweeted that all other bands could go home, and I meant it. Not only are they consummate musicians, but there are few frontman as enigmatic as Brad Klynsmith. Catch their performance so that 10 years from now, you can say you were there.
  • The Hives – Because of this. And this.
  • Christian Tiger School – Because regardless of whatever the hell “dream hip hop” is, this duo represent a new wave in SA electronic culture and everybody should own a copy of “The Third Floor”.
  • Flint Meet Spark – Because sometimes you just need to trust me. [Side note: this acoustic duo once made me cry like a small child]
  • Boys Noize – Because every DJ I’ve spoken to since this announcement was made assures me that I will cream myself. Alex Ridha has achieved cult status in a very short space of time and after I researched him extensively on Youtube and read this feature, I was sold.
  • Hog Hoggidy Hog – Because they’re ska punk gods and when George Bacon graces us with his overseas-based presence every now again, you must bow at the altar of pork rock, MINION. Plus I don’t think any other band at the festival will evoke a moshpit like The Hogs will.
  • Bateleur – Because they were once described like this.

And then… if for some godforsaken reason you’re still hanging around the festival grounds at 1pm on Sunday, okes will be jolling down at the Mainstay Beach Bar. Fist pumping. It’s not my vibe, but who knows after a papsak or two…

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