5 Minutes With Red Tape Riot

Red Tape Riot is nothing if not hardworking. When they released their first single ‘Love Is A Feeling’, with min resources at their disposal, they did extremely well to spread it far and wide and in turn, raise their profile.

Last week they released their follow-up single and video ‘Been Here Before’. I caught up with the band’s lead singer John to find out a little bit more about the video and what’s cooking behind the tape line.

So you guys dropped your new music video last week, tell me a little bit more about the process. Gimme the exclusive 411.

The process for this video was very different to our first Youtube release. This time we worked only with people we knew and who cared about the band and the message in the video. We wanted an authentic but fun vibe, and having people around us who we get along with made for a great time shooting, and added to the energy we wanted in the video. In every sense it was a collective project from initial concept to post production.  

What do you guys think constitutes a “good” music video?

Any video that represents the individual vibe and energy of a band. We don’t believe that the best equipment in the world is needed to create something of substance. Some of our favourite videos were done with cool concepts and zero budget.

Shai Hirschson did a great job working with The Plastics on their last album, what was it like working with him on ‘Been Here Before’?

It was an interesting experience because he lives in Berlin now, so everything was done with the wonder of interwebs! And the track was worked on and chatted about though Skype. From a production point of view, he’s one of the best around… that dude knows his shit!

What can we expect from your upcoming singles at the end of the month?

Our new singles are going to be a slight departure from our first two. We’re working with a different producer at Fsharp Music, and Joe Theron from Woodstock Mafia. They’re also tracks that were written before our last two singles were released, and are both live favourites of the band. They’re called ‘Weakened’ and ‘Wide Awake’.

If you could collaborate with any SA artist on a track, who would it be and why?

Working with The Heuwels Fantasties would be awesome, they’ve got a very cool sound which at times is almost 80’s. Would also be great to work with Dance You’re On Fire, Mix n’ Blend, Beatenberg… there are many!

Guiltiest musical pleasure?

Well, I sing along when I hear Ace of Bass songs…Although I’m not sure that’s pleasure, might be that the songs were just implanted in our ears from overplay when we were 12. You know, I heard that the singers didn’t speak any English and just made the sounds of the words without knowing what they meant. Not sure if this is true, but hey….FFFTD.

Any last words?

Catch us live this summer, bring a friend, and ask them to bring beer.