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Artist Profile: Ravi Panchia

The first time I met Ravi Panchia was back in October 2011. I was working for LMG at the time and had decided to take on a more creative role, as opposed to merely editing, from the November issue onwards.

It was around about that time that I’d also made breaking the publication into Jozi my pet project and in light of this, decided to put Shadowclub on the cover because of the success of their debut self-titled album.

Back then however, my resources and contacts in Jozi were non-existent so I did what any social media-minded person would do – I hit Twoogle up for potential photographers to shoot the cover.

The response was crazy, especially for a non-paying gig, and after wading through multiple portfolios I settled on Ravi Panchia to co-ordinate the shoot because, well, his work spoke/speaks for itself. I was beyond nervous about working with someone who I’d never met before, but Ravi was both gracious and organised and the finished product was, in my humble opinion, one of the best shoots LMG ever published.

Even though photography is not Ravi’s bread and butter (he’s a chartered accountant, believe it or not) he treats it with the same amount of fervour and attention as if it were, shooting live music, portraits and fashion campaigns, to name a few projects. Since that Shadowclub cover I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Ravi on multiple projects, including Jozi On Fire.

Check out some more of his work below and view his current Twitter Portrait Project called Project #140.  

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