Synergy Live 2013: Headlining Acts

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

Synergy Live has received a lot of flak over the last month for having left the announcement of their headliners so late and for being “disorganised”. Another point of contention is the apparent quality and relevance of headliners that the festival is bringing down.

What?? Just because a band’s discography isn’t on constant Top 40 rotation, does NOT make them a substandard festival headliner. Whether or not you choose to give a shit and buy a ticket however is up to you. Regardless, I decided to shed some light on the matter of this year’s Synergy Live headliners, because I’m nice like that.

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: Ronnie Winter (vox), Joey Westwood (bass), Randy Winter (rhythm guitar), Matt Carter (lead guitar), John Hartman (drums)

Genre: Full on emo rock. Like, black-fringe-guyliner circa “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” kinda emo.

Interesting Fact:  Their name was chosen by the band blindfolding each other and in turn picking random words they stuck up on a wall. Could’ve been a lot worse.

Biggest Hit: Face Down

Foreign Beggars: Orifice Vulgatron, Metropolis, DJ Nonames, Dag Nabbit

Genre: Hip hop & dubstep… sweet baby jesus.

Interesting Fact: In the early ‘90s Orifice Vulgatron and Dag Nabbit played in metal, grunge and indie bands before dabbling in hip hop.

Biggest Hit: Contact

Everything Everything: Jonathan Higgs (vox), Jeremy Pritchard (bass), Michael Spearman (drums) and Alex Robertshaw (lead guitar)

Genre: Indie pop – in the same wave of current British bands like Alt-J and Foals who’ve received a degree of mainstream success as of late.

Interesting Fact: In numerous interviews they’ve described themselves and their sound as pop, with their bassist saying that they want “to avoid cliche, or the cliches expected of white men with guitars from Manchester”. I love them already.  

Biggest Hit: Cough Cough

Out of all these bands I’m probably the most interested to see Everything Everything, even though the word on the street is that Synergy maaay be announcing another headlining act. Although you never know, this festival doesn’t do anything by the book, does it?