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10 Acts You Shouldn’t Miss At UTC 2014

With just 3 days to go to Up The Creek you’ve more than likely stocked up on sunblock and set your cooler box aside for packing, but who’re you going to be front-and-centre for come parrrdy time?

Thankfully, the beauty about Up The Creek is that you’ll very rarely find two majorly inconveniencing or overlapping sets. But all the same, you’re more than likely to get dag dronk in the creek and have these things slip your mind, so I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting 10 acts that you’re not going to want to miss.

  • Grassy Spark – Because they released one killer EP last year and they’re going to kick-off Saturday’s entertainment in true, skanking style.
  • Bed On Bricks – Because after a good couple of years out of the game, they rocked just as hard as an opening act for Bastille as they did the first time I saw them on the old Zula’s 4×4 stage.
  • Jeremy Loops – Because the piped piper of folk has an uncanny knack for enchanting almost any crowd.
  • Springbok Nude Girls – Because “Goddank Vir Klanke” remains one of the holy grails of SA rock and regardless of what they’re all doing now, when they come together, they’re the undisputed kings of their genres.
  • Hot Water – Because they’re spearheaded by one of the best (and most underrated) front men in the country.
  • Beach Party – Because they were born to play this festival and they’re this year’s cream of the Ray-Bay River Stage.
  • Beatenberg – Because they’re probably going to jam this.
  • Piet Botha – Because he IS Up The Creek and because two years ago I saw him cover Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt’ and it silenced 3000 people.
  • Dave Ferguson – Because he works his looping station like a harmonica-wielding magician and this year he’s playing twice to make doubly sure everyone can get a piece of his musical action.
  • Black Cat Bones – Because if you’ve never seen them before, a year from now they’ll probably be the only performance from the fest that you’ll remember. Truth.


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