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#1LiveGigAWeek: Jessica’s Take

Great craft beer, the best burgers I’ve ever tasted and an easy atmosphere makes &Union an ideal spot for live music and so last Wednesday I went to check out one of their Real Music Wednesday events. 

I’m told to get there early as it packs out pretty quickly and with Beatenberg on the bill I wasn’t taking any chances. Beer in hand, I settled in an hour-and-a-half early as more and more people poured in. Soon there wasn’t any space left. Some were disappointed, but no one let that stop them from enjoying the music.

Beatenberg’s radio hits “Chelsea Blakemore” and “Pluto (Remember You)” have spread their name across the country, amassing fans wherever they are heard. But it all started in Cape Town (where they haven’t gigged in a while) and tonight, old and new fans alike came out to party with them.

Their sound is difficult to describe. They fuse so many elements into their music – jazz undertones moulded with synth beats and distinct African guitar riffs. Lead vocalist Matthew Field has a remarkable range which was best displayed in their flawless cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie”, by far the highlight of the night. Jay Z’s rap was swapped out for a jazzy instrumental, showing again just how talented and versatile they are.

iTunes SA has selected Beatenberg as one of the artists to look out for in 2014 and I could not agree more. Eyes peeled for their next release.

Jessica Kramer is a music enthusiast who has moved from Joburg to Cape Town and is navigating her way though the Mother City’s musical climate, #1LiveGigAWeek at a time.