One For The Haters

How difficult is it to just shut the fuck up about music you don’t like?

I’ve always tried to only talk about artists, bands, albums and songs that I love, but then again everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I myself have made a couple of snide comments about Nickelback (although let’s be honest, who hasn’t) in the past. But what really confuses me is why people feel the need to spew a large degree of hate towards a specific artist?

Let’s take Justin Bieber for example. He very clearly has millions of fans, but the amount of hate written on social media that mentions him blows my mind. And how excited were people when it was announced he was retiring – why does he grate you so much? Why?? Do you honestly have nothing better to do with your time?

I recently saw a post from someone on Facebook dissing Bastille and even though I didn’t agree with what they’d said, they (like everyone else) are welcome to their opinion. What I did find jaw-dropping, however, were the comments to this guy’s post. “I’m so glad you told me how shit they are – it makes me feel better for turning down tickets to their concert.” Now what I want to know is – when did the majority of you start internalising other people’s opinions as your own? When did you stop questioning what kind of music you really like?

No one genre is more “real” than another and the core of each genre is fueled by a shared passion, a passion for art. My belief is that there is never any need to hate on any form of art, simply because it’s not to your taste. So my wish this year is for all you haters to take time out from trolling and instead, share an artist with your group of friends, colleagues or family, that you love.

When someone says that an artist sucks, go and listen to it for yourself and then formulate your own opinion. Stop listening to what everyone else says. Start listening to your own taste and heart. Formulate your own opinions and spread good music.

With that in mind, I would like to share a couple of artists with you that I think are really awesome. Whether or not you like them, well, that’s for you to decide.

Catfish & The Bottlemen. Indie Rock Band from Wales. Opened for the 1975.

Lo Fang (real name Matthew Hemerlein). From Maryland, America. Opened for Lorde.

BANKS (real name Jillian Banks). American, based in London. Nominated for the BBC Sound of 2014 poll, finished in 3rd place.

Catherine Grenfell is a DJ, MC and 5FM DJ on The Fresh Drive as well as the host of her own show, (live)5.