Opinion Review

Wrestlerish: Greater Goods and Lesser Evils

Wrestlerish is back, this time, armed with enough angst, smooth guitar solos and heartfelt lyrics to span these solid, twelve tracks that were almost three years in the making.

The Weezer-esque guitar riff on ‘Vices on Vacation’ serves as the perfect album opener. It has a catchiness that manages to capture the listener from the first note. “I hope this haunts you the rest of your life” is a line that’s frequently repeated during the track ‘The Accuser’ and introduces a bitter undertone that is further emphasised in the first single off the album, ‘Battle Ground’, whereas the hauntingly beautiful piano piece on ‘The Accuser’ and the soulful groove on ‘Battle Ground’ counteract the tracks’ cynical lyrics.

This balance saves the tracks from boarding on heart-wrenching Taylor Swift-style material.
‘Four Letter Word (Resolve)’ showcases the prefect vocal harmony between frontman, Werner Olckers and Candice Armitage, who is a welcome addition to the group’s melodic dimension. But it’s the addition of Dave van Vuuren echo-ey timbre on ‘Excuses Excuses’ that’s the real standout track.

From the first opening synth notes on ‘The John Bender Fist Pump’ you’ll be unable to keep your feet still – it adds a welcome energy to the album that fans will appreciate – en cue shrieking, chanting crowds at future gigs.

Overall, ‘Greater Goods and Lesser Evils’ displays Wrestlerish’s multifaceted musical ability and its diversity makes it the ideal soundtrack to almost every overtly emotional situation.