Opinion Review

The Dollfins: I’ll Do What You Want Me To

This album, in true Dollfins style, is as rough and raw as they could push it.

Opening track ‘Dirty Brown Hair’ shows that their sound has marinated somewhat but that they have not lost their primitive edge. The title track is energetic and catchy, I can imagine crowds screaming “I just wanna hold your hand” while jumping up and down in one of the many moshpits ever present at their gigs.

‘And She Says’ introduces David Thorpe on lead vocals. The opening guitar riff and the screeching vocals smack of what The Clash and The White Stripes’ musical offspring might sound like. My favourite, ‘Cuntryside’ (epic title), is full of the tongue-in-cheek lyrics and includes killer harmonies that serve as a true testament to the trio’s talent.

‘Pebis’ is an instrumental track that captures the band’s blend of surf and punk rock, after which ‘It’s Only in Your Dreams’ provides a welcome change in tempo – the psychedelic track oozes groove and accentuates Danielle Hitchcock’s sultry voice.

‘We Can Get Away from Here’, a beautiful acoustic track, closes the album. The intimate nature of the song is emphasised by absence of the drums and the addition of the harmonica and the vulnerability audible in Hitchcock’s will make this track a treat to witness live.

All in all, “I’ll Do What You Want Me To” is a great, gritty follow-up. Download it free now.