Press Release

Haezer Releases Minted

Today sees the official release of HAEZER’s brand new music video for his song ‘Minted’, from his latest EP, “Gold Plated Frequencies” which was released last year December.

The video was shot in hijacked and abandoned buildings in the Johannesburg CBD during February 2014 and directed by Wim Steytler with Peter Tishauser as director of photography.

Wim Steytler also came up with the concept for the shoot. He has done a photography project about the buildings featured in the video for about four months prior to shooting the video. He used the spaces as his studios, and the people living in the buildings as his characters. He took stills of the moments that presented themselves in these spaces, and the concept for the HAEZER video started with two stills that he took.

‘Minted’ has an epic and cinematic feel, so Wim felt it needed a big story. It carries a sense of thrilling urgency and it helped him write the story when he looked at the stills. Also, the unique digital sound was a great tool to work with to bring to life the contrast between the realness of the subject matter and the magic that’s there as well. Watch it below.

And while you’re at it, stream “Gold Plated Frequencies”.