Press Release

The Sleepers Release “Mine”

Cape Town’s progressive dark rock kings announced their return to the SA music scene yesterday with their new video and single, “Mine”.

The video for “Mine” was photographed, edited, produced and directed by Craig Ferguson of the Public Pool, and is a jaw-dropping testament to local filmmaking talent. It was filmed using one of the very few RED Dragon cameras in Africa, along with a flying camera drone (use of which is now banned in SA), the video is as technically impressive as it is beautifully connected to the song. This may be the last local video filmed using drones that South Africans are likely to see in a long time.

The striking video culminates in the strangely smooth demolition of what I’m pretty sure is the Athlone Cooling Towers, a real haunting image as the screen is left showcasing nothing but a weak dust cloud.

I’ve been following The Sleepers for a good few years, in fact I think one of the first reviews I ever wrote was about one of their gigs at Mercury, and after seeing and hearing this video, I’m more than excited than I ever have been for their future music and prospects.

SLEEPERS-MINE-HD from Craig Ferguson on Vimeo.