Press Release

A New Band On The Block

I’m all about new shit, so when this email landed in my inbox, you must know that I lost my mind a little. Mind Pool is a musical partnership “born out of experimentation”. What began as a solo bedroom recording project has evolved into a versatile three-piece incorporating members of previously established SA acts.

Mind Pool is Oliver Harrison (LAVI), Chris Carter (Holiday Murray) and Kenan Tatt (LAVI, Albert Frost) and boasts guitar, bass, drums, synths and harmonic vocals and they draw from shoegaze, ambient, dream-pop, electronica, psychedelia, blues, and rock genres.

Their approach to songwriting is also fresh (well, fresher than any band I’ve heard since the now defunct Aztec Sapphire) and places distinctive melodies within lush, transporting soundscapes to “create layered textures that push the boundaries of the traditional trio.” They’re not lying, ‘Lacuna’ is a gorgeously crafted, albeit lengthily, track.

They’re also self-recorded and self-produced, which they says allows for their “creative voice to be captured as honestly as possible.” Imma be keeping a close eye on this band. Catch them at The Pit on the 18th of July and at Psych Night at Mercury on the 1st of August.

Listen to Mind Pool’s debut single ‘Lacuna’ below.

Mind Pool - Lacuna