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The Gear Junkie: Micro-Retailing At Its Best

The Gear Junkie is the new kid on the Woodstock block and is a music store that’s guaranteed to leave a positive impression on you, regardless of whether you’re a muso or not.

Owner Graham McKay is passionate about the “old stuff” and loves to work on worn gear that he recycles into interesting, useful pieces. “No Instrument deserves to die” is McKay’s motto, which manifests itself into the many recycled creations that he’s lovingly modified. Check out this baby, a sweet Japanese Ibanez Blazer that was posted today, a clear indication that McKay ain’t kidding around when it comes to the seriousness of restoration.

With a reputable and knowledgeable dealer, The Gear Junkie offers a variety of brands, including Fender, Gibson and Rickenbacker with a high degree of character and investment value. In fact, just the other day Sean Penn was sniffing around this Steam Punk Electric Fender Guitar, which goes for about R18 000 depending upon the request.

Gear Junkie

With a good 20 years experience in the music scene, McKay has a great passion for all instruments, old and new. He has bought, sold and collected gear his whole life and gigged on the pro circuit in Johannesburg and around SA for 10 of those. But what I find the most interesting about this man is his vision for The Gear Junkie – to create a place where people can get together and talk, trade and learn over a cup of good coffee.

The Gear Junkie

Now to celebrate all the present and future awesomeness from McKay and co., The Gear Junkie has given me 2 vouchers worth R500 for 2 lucky people to spend in the shop.

All you have to do to win is drop a comment on this blog post with the answer to this question – name one of the top brands that Gear Junkie supplies and trades in?

Winner will be contacted via email on the 4th of August.