Zebra & Giraffe’s City Soiree

I only boarded the Zebra & Giraffe train when they released their third studio album “The Wisest Ones” in 2012. And while 2008’s “Collected Memories” was the album that launched them into the hearts of fans, for me, “The Wisest Ones” cemented their status as one of the leading alternative rock bands in this country. Their professionalism and showmanship is present both on and offstage and since I started taking an interest in their performances, I’ve been lucky enough to witness some killer ones.

Next week, on Wednesday the 16th of July, Zebra & Giraffe will (potentially) return to Cape Town to treat us an unplugged performance and hopefully some of the material that they’ve been working tireless on in-studio. But they can only do so with YOUR help.

Zebra & Giraffe has teamed up with City Soiree, which allows fans and gig goers to “pledge” (read: buy a ticket) to an event. However, if the goal of 100 pledges is not reached, tickets are refunded and the gig does not happen, which is just lame. They have 1 day left and they need 34 pledges, which is totally doable.

So Cape Town, if you’re reading this, your mission today is to bloody well pledge R120 to make this gig happen. I’ve done it, so how about you do it too and we make it a jol, yes? YES. PLEDGE HERE.