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5 Minutes With Adventure Man

Ahead of this month’s Jozi On Fire, I thought I’d take the liberty of introducing you to both acts playing at Openroom Studios on Wednesday the 27th of August.

First up is Adventure Man – I caught up with Gad De Combes (Shortstraw’s keyboard & vox) to find out a little more about his side project that’s now spawned into a tiny monster.

Adventure Man started off as just you (Gad) doing your King Dinosaur solo thing, I remember playing ‘Richard Parker’ on Assembly Radio about a year ago. How did you round up this motley crew?

When I finally decided to put out an album, I took all the recordings I had done with Evert Snyman, and spent a week at High Seas Record where Shortstraw had recently completed recording “Good Morning, Sunshine”. That experience was so amazing for me that I knew these guys would be able to help me put the final touches on what would become Out Of Order.

I had to change the name as more and more bands with the name “King Dinosaur” started turning up. I toured the album solo for a good 6 months, and every time I played, I had musos coming up to me asking to be in my band. I was flattered obviously, but I mean, I already had a band, I need to actually make money right? Anyway, I finally relented, first confirmed was Po-Chung Chen, the social media aficionado on drums, then came neil on bass who blew me away from the first rehearsal. Richard has been doing my sound for ages learnt guitar to join us, and Rob May has only been with us a few months playing Accoustic guitar and adding harmonies.

“Super Monsters Ate My Condo” has a nice little Nintendo feel to it, where you a little bit of a gaming addict growing up?

Absolutely! I had that 8bit Nintendo machine and had hundreds of games, most memorably mickey mouse and looney tunes, but my favourite was islander, or adventure islan, the main inspiration for my new name. I then got a sega megadrive, then it was all about computer games, I loved simcity. I got a Wii and Loved Donkey Kong Country Returns which basically inspired Volcano Levels, abut now it’s all on my smartphone, candy crushing to the max…

I also love “Oh Sammy!” which you wrote about your beautiful dog, do you ever play that track for him?

Sammy is so impatient! If you don’t wanna play with him, he’s got no time for you! He sits in on all our band practices (in hopes of someone throwing the ball for him) and I always make a special point of telling him when we play his song, but he just couldn’t care less.

Which is your favourite track on “Out Of Order” and for what reason?

That’s a tough one, I’d have to say Volcano Levels because that was the first song I wrote by myself, the rest seemed easy after that, and we love playing that the most I think. Neil says it gets him “ in the vibe”.

What’s your guiltiest musical pleasure?

I Love the Josie and the Pussycats soundtrack (I found out years later that all the songs are written by the fountains of wayne guitarist, and they’re one of my favourite bands).

Complete the sentence: You should come to Jozi On Fire on the 27th of August because…


Jozi On Fire is proudly sponsored by Ray-Ban. Free Entrance. Tunes kick off at 8pm.

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