The Cuervolución Has Begun

Yesterday my friends at Jose Cuervo launched the Cuervolución in South Africa and Jose Cuervo fans around the country flipped their Facebook photos in luchador masked solidarity. Afterward Jose Cuervo challenged us all with the following:

Look back on your life, at parties, at your best nights out. Things were routine and suddenly something changed. There was always a trigger. A catalyst. The moment when things flipped. Now that moment has a name, it’s the #Cuervolución. And it all starts with your first shot of Jose Cuervo.

Truer words were never uttered, once you switch to the good stuff it’ll never be the same. Friends and fans of Jose Cuervo know this and are joining together in celebration of this iconic brand and in doing so, are saying no to boring nights out, all in the name of the Cuervolución.

So make something extraordinary out of your jols and keep your eyes locked on Texx and the City for breaking Cuervolución news, there’s tonnes of exciting stuff happening over the next few months. But in the meantime, be a part of history and join the Cuervolución here.

Who’s In?