Feature Interview

Looking To Grietfest: Mudblud

With only 1 week to go until Griefest 2014, I took the liberty of catching up with Cape Town DJ Mudblud where we chatted about opening for St Lucia, how music festivals aren’t necessarily for music lovers anymore and Emma Watson (obviously).

Jessica Kramer: Did you always want to be a DJ growing up?

Mudblud: Nope, not at all. I had no intention of becoming a DJ until a few months before I started. It definitely snuck up on me!

JK: You list Battle Beyond the Stars, Tommy Gun, Haasbroek, VGA, and Terrence Pearce as some of your influences. What do you listen to in your car or at the Saturday braai though?

MB: It’s a little funny because the music I listen to in my car is mostly my own monthly mixtapes (that or tracks I’ll be con-sidering for the next month’s mixtape). The mixtapes I curate are a selection of my favourite tracks that have come out in that month so it makes sense. Regarding genre I must admit I’m not as diverse as other DJs seem to be. For me its all about indie dance & disco!

JK: You’ve held residency at Fiction’s Untamed Youth and played various stages across Cape Town and South Africa. How does a residency differ from a once off gig, in your experience?

MB: The biggest difference with a residency is that you have a steady audience, which forces you to mix it up weekly to prevent things from getting stale (both for the audience and for myself). I definitely still have my go-to tracks but the bulk of my sets have to be different. Its great because it forces me to constantly test out new material. Although this means that once off gigs let me indulge in playing all my favourites, which is always a treat.

JK: Tell us a bit about playing alongside St Lucia on the CT leg of his SA tour?

MB: St Lucia is one of my favourite bands so playing alongside them, meeting them and more importantly seeing them live was definitely the highlight of my DJing career. The band came to Untamed Youth in the week leading up to their live show and I got a chance to hang out with them and get to know them, which was a pretty crazy experience. I even managed to play a few St Lucia tracks that night while the band was with me behind the booth!

JK: Next up is Grietfest. what do you think it is about these smaller, but rising festivals that appeals to young South African music lovers?

MB: Well I personally don’t think that festivals are for music lovers at all. I think by and large they are attended by and catered for people just looking for a good time and not necessarily in it for the music. I don’t think that’s a bad thing either. What I like about these ‘smaller’ festivals is that they allow promoters to bring down these awkwardly sized inter-national acts. The acts that are too expensive for clubs and too small for the ‘bigger’ festivals.

JK: Anything special planned for your Grietfest set?

MB: This will be a first festival appearance for Mudblud so I’m really excited! For my set I’ve got a heap of favourites to play, old and new. People should expect a pretty bouncy indie dance set with a hint of house. I have few mash ups that I’m playing around with that I’m very keen on using. It’s a first for me so hopefully it works out!

JK: If you could play any global stage or festival, where would you go?

MB: I’ll be honest; I don’t really follow the international circuit very well. I try and avoid it because every time someone shares these big festival lineups on social media I get sad. It’s actually ridiculous how many acts which I would give an arm and a leg to see have their names in the small print! I think playing at a small club in Europe would be pretty great… Mudblud at XOYO in London would be unreal!

JK: Oh and lastly (because my curiosity is killing me) if you ever met Emma Watson, what would you say to her?

MB: If I had a chance to speak to her I would have to try my best to convince her I wasn’t a stalker… Which could be hard considering I have a whole pinterest ‘thing’ full of her pictures. (I swear its for only for mixtape cover art).