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Looking To Grietfest: Trancemicsoul

After chatting to Mudblud earlier this week ahead of Grietfest, when the opportunity to interview Trancemicsoul popped up, I jumped at the chance to learn more about the Red Bull Music Academy Alumni DJ. Read ’til the end for a chance to win two double tickets to what is going to be a mental Grietfest.

Jessica Kramer: As I understand, you grew up in Atteridgeville? Was there a defining moment in your childhood or teen years where you just knew that you wanted to make music full time?

Trancemicsoul: I was born in Atteridgeville, but spent most of my childhood life in Soshanguve. Yes, I believe music was always a part of me as I can recall spending my Friday and Saturday nights listening to radio for some new mid tempo, house and kwaito vibes.

JK: Your music is clearly influenced by a wide array of genres, with anything from jazz to kwaito making strong appearances in different tracks. Did you grow up listening to a lot of different music?

TMS: Indeed, I grew up listening to a variety of sounds, even though I was not well informed about genres. What really mattered to me was the connection between the songs and my emotions.

JK: How did you end up at the Red Bull Music Academy?

TMS: I had to apply, that’s the only way one can get in. I still remember the first time I applied, it was for the 2010 edition but didn’t get through. I never lost hope though, I had to re-apply for the 2012 edition which was postponed to 2013 and I was lucky to be one of the 32 chosen participants. One of those nights I will never forget, can’t even tell you how many times I read the email. [Laughs like mad]

JK: How did you find the RBMA, and working with/meeting other artists there, influenced your music?

TMS: Honestly speaking, its not easy to put everything about the academy into words. You need to be there to experience what every alumni is talking about. Its a world of its own, where music meets art, technology, and different cultures which result to innovation. The academy really broaden my mindset to start thinking global not local. Meeting other artists really influenced what I do a lot, especially in-terms of production and DJing. I now try to fuse electronic sounds with organic sounds not forgetting to put the soul into the music.

JK: You played at Sonar, in Barcelona this year. That must have been an incredible experience. Tell me about your trip to Spain?

TMS: Yes, it was a life changing experience indeed. I never thought music and technology can be joined together through a festival, and Sonar really proved to me that it is possible. I played on the RBMA stage and the reception was so amazing. For the very first time in my life after playing a set I got applauded by thousands of people. I was also lucky to be 1 of the highlights of day 2 according to the Sonar Festival blog.

JK: Other than Sonar, which I am sure must be a huge highlight for you, what have been some of the biggest moments of your career?

TMS: Definitely attending the Red Bull Music Academy, playing at The Do-Over (RBMA NYC Edition), CTEMF, Rocking The Daisies, and Oppikoppi. Also getting the opportunity to do some work for legendary labels like Peppermint Jam, Seasons Limited and GOGO Music to name a few.

JK: Grietfest is around the corner, what do you think it is about these smaller, but rising festivals that appeals to young South African music lovers?

TMS: I see these festivals as a movement more than anything. For one to know about them, one needs to have a like-minded vision, hence they always get their audience in huge numbers as well. South Africa is slowly but surely turning into a developed country especially in the urban areas, hence cross pollination is very vital in festivals and that’s what underground festivals do. They cater for all the cool kids! [Laughs manically again]

JK: Do you have anything special planned for your Grietfest set?

TMS: Yes, I always treat every show like it’s the first. I just want to deliver all the time.

JK: What’s on the decks (excuse the pun) for the rest of the year?

TMS: Hahaha! No worries at all… it is new music, lots of shows and keeping it real all the time! Really looking forward to summer!

02. Trancemicsoul (South Africa)

Now we’re giving away 2 double tickets to Grietfest and to stand a chance to win, all you have to do is drop a comment on this post and name 1 of the biggest moments of Transmicsoul’s career. Easy. Winner will be notified via email on Sunday evening (because we have to give you something better to look forward to than Carte Blanche).