Press Release

Man As Machine Release ‘Force’

Man As Machine’s brand new video for “Force” is quite simply, spectacular. The title is an ode to Star Wars and the band’s way of coming out as nerds. Too cute. But would nerds rock out so hard during takes that they’d crack a rib? Uhhh…

I was told that the shoot was quite a physical one which required them to get “down and dirty”. “All of our scenes were shot on location at a house in Pretoria to facilitate the green screen shoot,” they told me. “All the other scenes were shot at various locations around JHB. This included the University of Johannesburg, a parking lot near Linden, some permit-requiring places, and KJ’s Pool (really blew the budget on that one).”

“Thanks to Rick and Waldo from Duck Rabbit Studios – they were the magic behind the scenes. The planning they put into the video really helped us out. They were on the ball every step of the way – from shooting the actual footage, to animation, to teasers – everything. Without them this video would not have been possible.”

Watch the video below and if you’re headed to Oppikoppi, remember that the guys are playing on Thursday Night at 21:00pm on Wesley’s Dome Stage.