Zebra & Giraffe Release “I’ve Been Bad”

Before most of us descend upon Northam Rock City for a weekend of mayhem, may I have your attention please for a small piece of news I’m positive you’re going to love.

This morning alternative rock band Zebra & Giraffe release ‘I’ve Been Bad’ the first single off their new album “Knuckles”. The video for ‘I’ve Been Bad’ was directed by Ross Garrett (who co-directed Die Antwoord’s ‘Fok Julle Naaiers’) and shot by acclaimed D.O.P Rob Malpage (‘The Knife’, ‘End Of The Road’). It features members of the Hell’s Angels South Africa, a Playboy Playmate, a cameo by Bert Carlin (Greg’s daddy) and a select cast of fans and friends.

“‘I’ve Been Bad’ is one my favourite songs from this new collection” says Greg, lead singer, songwriter and guitarist of the band. “The lyrics covered new ground for me – it isn’t all the doom and gloom that was so prevalent on the last album. In this song, I really tried to offset the idea of a ‘dark, tainted past’ (which I sing about in the verses) with a massive uplifting chorus that sees me opening up to someone new; opening up to love. I really enjoy the contrast between the two themes in the song. We tried to push that idea visually too. Ross did an amazing job creating a dark and seedy world in the video, one the band seems desperate in, and desperate to escape from. The video breaks out so beautifully at the end, showing the idea of escape and freedom.”

I couldn’t agree more, this video is pure class. As for the track, well, it gives me the impression that a painstaking amount of time was spent fussing over arrangement because its the minute details which make it.

Watch ‘I’ve Been Bad’ now and buy it here.