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Who Should Open In The City?

Earlier last month the four local finalists, competing to be the only SA band who plays at Vodacom In The City, were announced and sweet mother of MGMT, they’re a sexy bunch.

Now, unlike last year where I was a nasty dictator and told you who I thought you should vote for, this year I thought I would be a bit more objective and throw some tasty talent titbits your way. So in no particular order, here are my thoughts on why each of these acts deserve your vote.

The Kiffness.

I’ve been going slightly mal about The Kiffness’ debut album as of late that I’m feeling the need to defend my newfound fanaticism a bit. Having released two kiff (har har) music videos this year, these two are supremely capable musicians who put on gloriously energised and entertaining sets, no two of which are ever the same. You’re looking at the next wave of SA live electronic performance here.

The Kiffness

The Plastics.

The Righini brothers have made no attempt to hide the fact that they are the biggest MGMT fans, they even styled their hair after Vanwyngarden and Goldwasser. But seriously, I can imagine that there must be nothing quite like opening for your favourite band in the world. Also, the lads have been quiet because they’ve been recording their new album which means that if they win, we’ll be treated to brand new music. Score.

The Plastics

Bye Beneco.

There is currently no other act in South Africa that blends multiple genres to create the ambient melodies that Bye Beneco do. They’re a glorious musical feast for your eyes and ears and, for the band on this bill that has been around for the shortest amount of time, this could be their springboard to greater things like last year’s winners, Al Bairre.
Bye Beneco


So this crew is pretty much at the top of their game right now. Flying high with a dope track doing its round on local radio, a lekker Puma sponsorship, a little Australian tour under their belt… Fly. Ing. High. They’ve more than proved that they’re far from a simple rap-electro act, they’re a full-on goddam band that can hold their own in front of a 16 000 pax crowd.


Make your mark for the band you choose to open Vodacom In The City here.

Keep your eyes peeled for an exclusive interview with MGMT & Vodacom In The City ticket giveaway, coming next week Monday.