Red Bull Doodle Art For First Thursday

To me, a doodle is something I’d scrawl onto the front of my file in school during Maths or Biology or some other boring-as-all-hell subject. But apparently a doodle is, by definition, is an unfocused drawing made while the mind is otherwise occupied. My mind was definitely not occupied during above said times.

Red Bull took it one step far and created an international Doodle Art competition, in which anyone could submit their best doodle.

This year there were 34 participating countries, with the winning artwork from each country going on display in the Red Bull Doodle Art Global Gallery in the Company’s Gardens in Cape Town. At the show, one international winner will be crowned and given an exclusive Red Bull design internship.

South Africa’s finalist is Kingley Palime (whose Doodle is the feature pic above), a part time graphic design student from the Vaal University of Technology, who will represent us in the Global Gallery.

Today, in celebration of #FirstThursday in Cape Townm Red Bull are hosting a Live Doodle with local artist Lauren Fowler at the Red Bull Studios at 103B Bree Street from 17:30 and they’ll be displaying the Top 20 doodles from the local competition. For more information check out the website and the hashtags #DoodleArt #WDC216.

#FirstThursday at the Red Bull Studios featuring Red Bull Doodle Artjpg