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Barefoot And Fancy-Free

Go Barefoot’s new single ‘Johannesburg’ is an ode to and celebration of the beautiful, bustling city of gold and all its eccentricities.

The track’s synopsis, posted on soundcloud, is a striking literary accompaniment and highlights the very strong connection that the band has with their hometown as they ask what living in Johannesburg means to the listener, whilst sharing their lyrical thoughts.

Noteworthy too is verse two’s Shona phrase “chintswa chiri murutsoka” which directly translated means, “I discover new things through my feet” or as the band explain, “it is good to gain understanding and see new things by walking with someone in a new space.” Thus their name becomes a literal manifestation of their physical and musical traversing as they move naked (aka barefoot) through uncharted areas racking up novel experiences.

With a very palpable kwela influence that’s been popularised by indie bands Shortstraw and Desmond and the Tutus before them, Go Barefoot will ultimately spearhead the new wave of Jozi indie bands, they just don’t know it yet.

Listen to their new single below and check out this rad photoshoot they did with She Said.

She Said - Go Barefoot