Feature Interview

Glen And Kelly Forever

Admit it, you’ve made more than your fair share of asinine comments about those two getting married, or this one having a baby or that couple getting engaged, I know I have. And while these are the days for our social media to be awash with a multitude of lovey dovey posts and shares, there was one which recently caught my eye and my attention because it was, in all honesty, the most adorable engagement pic I’ve ever seen.

So I decided to probe a little more into the nature of musos Glen Hartmann and Kelly Mole’s engagement. Now this might seem incredibly nosey, but in the short time that I’ve known these two, their relationship has been one of enviable cohesion and compatibility, so I knew there was an intricately cute story floating around there. I couldn’t have been more right.

Texx: Okay so I’m dying to know how you popped the question, talk me through it.
Glen Hartmann: I wanted it to be a surprise! So I invented this fake story of how we were going for a picnic with some friends to Cosy Bay, a very secluded beach. I got my friend to message Kelly to ask about the details for the picnic, just to throw her off. Then when we got there, we walked down to the beach having “arrived earlier than our friends”. We walked to a spot on the beach where there were some scrabble tiles in the sand saying “I want to spend the rest of my life with you”, and a pink rose next to the writing. As Kelly saw that, I got on one knee behind her, and when she turned to face me, I asked her to marry me. She said yes – YESSS!!!! And then I planned a little game for her. She had to search for 4 more roses hidden on the beach, each one representing a year that we had been together. After that, we went to breakfast, where there was a sixth rose representing us spending the rest of our lives together. For the rest of the day, I took her to various locations that were special to us and our relationship and I reminded her why each one was special to us. And at each location we played a game because Kelly really loves playing games [Laughs]. We ended the evening with supper with our families at the Waterfront and then went for drinks with some friends after that.

TX: That obviously took intense planning on your part, wow. Now I saw that you both did a beautiful engagement photoshoot with Yeah Yeah Photography, why was it important for you to capture that moment in a gallery?
GH: Over the years, Kelly and I have grown together, laughed together, cried together, been happy together and been sad together. Every moment has drawn us closer together and strengthened the bond that we have with each other. Each of these moments have been incredibly significant to us. And it has been even more so with us getting engaged. This time represents the next significant milestone in our lives and we want to hold onto those memories. We also want to share them with those we love.

TX: I saw on Kelly’s site that she is already planning your wedding, are you letting her run with her dream wedding or is this going to be a joint effort?
GH: For me, it is most important that Kelly’s dreams for our wedding are realised. I want it to be everything she imagined and more! I love to be fully involved as well though, but I see my involvement as creating a vision with Kelly of what our dream wedding is. Where there is something in particular that Kelly is super passionate about, then I want that to be a part of the wedding, because my dream wedding is one where Kelly’s dreams are fully realised.

TX: When I first met you Kelly was right by your side as your manager and backing vocalist, what’s your working relationship like? Is it challenging sharing both a professional and personal space?
GH: In the beginning it was challenging because we had to try and figure out where the professional ended and the personal began and visa versa. I definitely think that made things more complicated in the beginning, but the beautiful thing about challenges is that when you overcome them they become things that glue you together in an even stronger way. Having a relationship like this has taught me very quickly how important respect and appreciation is!

Too bloody cute. Check out their engagement photoshoot gallery below and checkout Yeah Yeah Photography’s website and Facebook.