Press Release

Umlilo Releases ‘Chain Gang’ Video

Kwaai Diva Extraordinaire Umlilo caps off a successful 2014 with a new fashion music video to die for. ‘Chain Gang’ is the second single off the upcoming “Aluta” EP and showcases a side of the South African performance artist the world has never seen before. The song, written, produced and sung by Umlilo, explores the dark, pretentious and ever fleeting world of modern gangs, where money is the currency and fashion is the religion.

“We live in a world where people keep getting gunned down everyday for all sorts of reasons they cannot control from skin colour, religion, poverty or sexuality. At the other end of the spectrum is this vacuous pursuit of money and bling. It all has a chain effect making us all part of a chain gang whether we like it or not. The song explores this perpetual cycle to survive, to live and die with dignity in this modern jungle,” says Umlilo.

Watch ‘Chain Gang’ below.