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Albums To Look Forward To In 2015

Yesterday saw Shortstraw’s “Youthless” kick 2015’s album releases into high gear, securing the #1 spot on iTunes and so, with this in mind, I thought I’d take the liberty of pinpointing a few albums that you’re going to want to see coming this year.


P.H.fat – Emerging victorious to open Vodacom In The City, staking their claim all over the stages they destroyed on their Australian tour and putting out one of the singles of 2014 with the slickest beat and chorus to match (‘Lights Out’), there’s no disputing this rap outfit’s current stronghold. Word on the street is you should start expecting new tunes around July-ish.

Grassy Spark

Grassy Spark – In more-a-less the same way that Shortstraw rocketed to popularity, Grassy Spark is poised to do the same, it’s just a matter of when. Their hard work, engaging personalities and uplifting ska-rock has married well, it just needs a bit of guidance. Their new album is due for release in March.

Felix Laband

Felix Laband – During Sonar+D Cape Town at the end of 2014, HRH Laband casually mentioned that he wants 2015 to be his year – that he wants to right a felw wrongs and “do things properly this time”. I really don’t think he’ll have much trouble – this is Laband’s swirling electronic universe are we are all but lowly spectators. No word on an actual date, but that’s not too surprising since we’ve been waiting for a follow-up to “Dark Days Exit” for almost 10 years.

Matthew Mole

Matthew Mole – Christian pop butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-my-mouth star, Mole, really did come out of nowhere with his debut album “The Home We Built”. In the two years following his iTunes record-setting album, the Just Music poster child has grown up fast and I think it’s safe to assume that his lyrical subject matter has too. I suppose we’re just going to have ‘til wait until June to see… but keep those eyes peeled for a sneaky teaser track or two before then.

Francois van Coke_Christelle Duvenage - MR

Francois Van Coke – Unlike some front men who desperately cling to the glory days and find it hard to transition, Francois’ evolution has been effortless. Not that the glory days are over – VCK won a SAMA for their last album and Fokof is riding a mad craft beer wave as we speak. Due for release in April at KKNK, I don’t think we’re quite ready for the musical magnitude of Francois’ first solo album.