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Ann Jangle: Kicking Sawdust

“Kicking Sawdust”, the sophomore album by Cape Town native Ann Jangle, sees her hanging up her blues gloves, and stepping into brand new territory. It’s louder, bigger and much more experimental than her debut offering “Acoustic Archive”, and makes a bold statement as to who she is and what she has to offer.

“The first album was firmly rooted in the blues. I love the blues, it wiped many tears off my face and got me through more than any human being could ever help me through in one life time. Thing is, I just always knew I wanted to do, experience and experiment with bigger, not so “in-a-box” sound,” Jangle fervently explained to me

Recorded live at VH Music & Recording Studio, the album features some of Cape Town’s top musicians across many genres, including guitar virtuoso Basson Laubscher, Lee Thomson (Hog Hoggidy Hog) and Gertjie Besselson (Mr. Cat & the Jackal). Produced by Albert Meintjies and Jangle herself, it is a massive piece of work with big bold sounds and a rich variety of styles and genres, something they have pulled off to an almost-flawless degree.

Taking her fascination with vintage tormented circus as an inspiration for both the artwork and sound of the album, there is a definite dark gypsy-folk undertone with accordion, banjo and big brass pieces taking the front line on many tracks. Songs like ‘Gypsy Toy’, ‘Burn It All’ and ‘Demented Clown’ are perfect examples of this and would be strong contenders for an American Horror Story: Freak Show soundtrack. The element that brings it all together though is Jangle’s powerful vocals. The haunting sound of “Kicking Sawdust” is perfect for her smoky timbers timbre and makes it sound as though she’s really hit the sweet spot with this one.

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