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Looking To Freedom Fest: The Curious Incident

It seems like just yesterday that The Curious Incident were breaking young indie-pop hearts all over venues in South Africa. Freedom Fest cleverly saw their appeal and made sure that their inclusion in their inaugural line-up meant that fans didn’t have to wait to long for their return, which I spoke to them about extensively a few weeks ago.

You toured South Africa at the beginning of the year and you’re back pretty soon for Freedom Fest. How do you feel about being heading over for round two?

Ouma Buttermilk rusks. Ostrich steak. Nando’s garlic sauce. BILTONG. If that’s not excitement-worthy enough, we’re going to be touring around one of the most beautiful countries in the world, playing music that we love, to arguably the friendliest people in the world. Yes please!

Are there any special memories from your last SA tour you’ve hoping to build on this time?

So far one of the most memorable gigs was at Raggies in East London (ironically). Someone crashed into an electricity box just as the support act started (taking out the whole grid). The crowd started to head home so we grabbed some candles and an acoustic guitar and improvised our first lengthy acoustic show. It went from hardcore rocker bar to intimate and romantic at the ‘flick of a switch’ and was amazing. We’re hoping to make some more special memories on this upcoming tour.

We’ve nursed each other when food poisoned, given drinks to the thirstier and food to the hungrier. We believed Mirko when he told us that a beautiful South African girl walked right up to him on the beach in Durban and asked if she could kiss him (and did). She then disappeared into the haze of the horizon without giving him the chance to even invite her to our gig that night. We didn’t need proof. We had his word for it.

You released your EP “Penny Lonesome” in January. What has the general response to it been like both in SA and overseas?

The EP launch at The Borderline was terrific. It’s such a surreal feeling to have music that you’ve made captured on CD and then to have people actually buy the CD! We’re proud of the tracks and artwork and think it’s a great snapshot of The Curious Incident. We can’t wait to bring the CDs over to SA and see what the response will be like.

Your video for ‘Money’ hit 10 000 views at the beginning of the month. I like it because it’s simple yet eye-catching, what was your initial vision for the video?

The initial idea involved a lot of nudity and gyrating. Then the censorship committee got involved and clothed everyone. The bastards.

What can your fans expect from your performance at Freedom Fest?

All kinds of good times! We’ll make believers of the non-believers. Mainly though, we’ll just go about having the time of our lives and everyone’s invited.

How do you feel about playing alongside three other international bands, especially ones that have been in the industry for many years? Will you be cornering any of them to ask about their secrets to career-longevity?

I thought the secret was reliable health insurance? It’s pretty magical being on the bill with those internationals and we’ll definitely try pick their brains a little. We are also excited about seeing such great SA bands like Fokof, The Plastics, Shortstraw and everyone else on the bill. This is looking to be the best bill we’ve played so far.

What does freedom mean to The Curious Incident?

Having the ability to enjoy life and make your own decisions. Freedom is being the master of your own fate (preferably without the handcuffs of financial or medical constraints).

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