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When Did You Become Such A D**k?

I’ve been in the music industry for a long time. I love this industry. I love music. I love radio. I love seeing talent start off and then become famous or be noticed.

I remember having artists on my live show where they were unknown, just starting out. Sitting on a bar stool, rapping or singing the few songs they had.

Humble, excited and nervous to be sitting there, performing on radio, live.

It’s a beautiful thing.

I started out in the theatre industry, doing lighting and sound. Working on festivals around the country. Sometimes we got to use real theatres, sometimes it was just a school hall with a couple of lights. I remember working with actors who had been in the industry for what seemed like centuries. They were revered, they were the best. They would perform in a small school hall with these crappy little lights and say to me, don’t worry Catherine, as long as they can see me, I’m happy. And then you would get the new upcoming actors with demands out of my control. Throwing temper tantrums. It was the worst.

In the music industry, the older generation of musicians seem to be quite chilled and relaxed and carry on if there is a technical glitch.

When musicians start out, they are humble. They are happy to have any bit of exposure. I love that… but when does it go?

I have no issue with posting fancy pictures of free shit you get, your fancy car, your lobster lunch. You worked hard for it. You deserve it.

But when you start having a dig at your fans, the same fans that bought your album (that have to buy your album to get a picture with you), the fans that buy a ticket to watch you every single time you perform in their area or drive to go and see you. That’s when you’ve become a dick.

It’s pretty much the same as those whiny musicians that moan because a big retailer is bringing out an “international” and not using “local” artists. Why the hell can’t they use an “international” artist that has a message? An artist that wants to make a change for the good in this country.

When did you become such a dick?

I have worked with some of the biggest artists in the world, and yet often they are nicer and easier to deal with than some South African artists.

When did you become a dick Madonna? When you violated someone’s personal space and body and kissed them without them wanting it. You don’t get to turn around and say “I’m Madonna Bitch”.

You’ve become a dick?

I’m off to the SAMAs this weekend. I love the fact that we support our artists and acknowledge them for what they have done. But it is also when the biggest dicks of them all seem to come out. I’m over it. I’m over the fact that people think it’s ok to be a dick.

I’m holding thumbs that I will be proven wrong… but sadly, I doubt it.

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