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ChianoSky: Dancing With Vam

ChianoSky has become somewhat of a household name in the pop music scene in South Africa. With a couple of commercially successful hits and a slew of SAMA nominations behind her, it seems as though now she’s in a space where she can take risks and focus solely on her writing process.

Her latest release ‘Dancing with VAM’ has just dropped under indie label FutureNow, and it is clear that she is taking cues from her international contemporaries. It is very Katy Perry, with some Ariana Grande and a bit of Carly Rae Jepsen.

It is a perfectly straight-forward dance tune. It conforms to the typical verse-chorus-repeat-bridge-chorus formula that makes for a good pop song and when you are producing with clubs and radio in mind, is a fantastic formula to make use of. The lyrics are easy to remember and sing-along to with only one or two corn-tastic lines thrown in – “Grab your favourite Slushie” is easily the most confusing/irritating lyric.

At the end of the day, this is a summer track that will most certainly have a good chart run. Slushies and jumping “in the pool with all your clothes on” just seems like a really bad idea as we enter winter, but regardless it’s a hit.

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Listen to ‘Dancing With Vam’ below and pre-order her new album “Inferno” here.