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Jett Screams: I’m Dead

David Thorpe has been an integral part of the Cape Town scene, over the last few year, in various forms (think Beach Party, The Dollfins, Gateway Drugs) and most recently as Jett Screams (previously called Pussy Slap). Like a hybrid between the juvenile charm of Beach Party and The Dollfins’ gritty punk aesthetic, ‘I’m Dead’, Jett Screams’ new single is a catchy, slightly pop-sensible, teaser for their upcoming full-length album.

“I’m trying to let it go” is the repeated mantra howled by Thorpe that sets the tone for the song’s sombre subject matter about the overwhelming feeling of not being exactly where one wants to be. With rolling bass lines and a hypnotic drum beat, I would be willing to bet someone a bottle of Jameson if they could listen to ‘I’m Dead’ without tapping their feet along.

Thorpe’s drawling vocals on the chorus, a repetition of ‘It’s a sign that I’m dead’, showcases the charm of his seductive vocal style. In addition, the fervent lead break disputes any notion that Jett Screams is lacking in musical talent.

Overall, this track is a great, garage-influenced track that has raised the stakes for the rest of Jett Screams’ new album. I am excited to see Thorpe apply his eccentric onstage antics to a performance of this track as well as many more from this new project.

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Listen to ‘I’m Dead’ below.