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Looking To Capital Craft: Citizen Beer

Focusing on delicious, easily drinkable styles, Citizen’s beers try to educate the drinker as well as thrill their tastebuds. Started in Cape Town in 2012, I caught up with them ahead of Capital Craft to find out about their dedication to great taste and quality.

How long has Citizen breweries been brewing beer?
April 17th marked 3 great years in the industry.

How many people do you have in your brewing team?
It can fluctuate, but at the moment there’s 5 of us behind Citizen.

With micro-breweries and craft beer growing in leaps and bounds at the moment, what sets you apart as a brewery?
Our attention to detail. From making sure the best quality products are used, that the beer is consistently the best it can be, that the design reflects the quality of the product. It all boils down to our attention to detail. This ensures that our customers get the best product we can make, and they can be assured that they’re having a great beer. As we say, “Made with Honour”.

What has been your biggest challenge in this industry?
The biggest challenge in this industry is keeping the costs down so that the customer can enjoy good beer without breaking the bank. It’s difficult, as all most of our raw materials are imported, as well as our machinery, but we strive to make sure the price is fair to our great customers. Everyone should be able to enjoy great, delicious beer!

Beer is amazing, it can enjoyed in many ways. Whether it’s with a great meal, or to just decompress after a long day, a beer can be extremely satisfying.

But, beer is always best with friends. Whenever you can get together with your friends, relax, let the worries of life slip away, laugh, and enjoy their great company is when life is at its zenith. And if you can do that with a great tasting beer in your hands, then all is good with the world.

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