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Tresor: Never Let Me Go

Tresor, a DRC native who has made South Africa his home, has just released his new single ‘Never Let Me Go’ and if this doesn’t get you moving you’re probably dead inside.

It was co-written with Matthew Field from Beatenberg, which is clear from the moment the African-esque guitar grooves enter in the second bar. That, coupled with an Afro-jazz shuffle creates an irresistible rhythm, compelling your body to sway and bob along with it.

Lyrically it’s both easy to relate to and memorable. The hook comes in the chorus “Never let me go/ never let, never let me go/ I’ll never let you let me go” will be stuck in your head for days. I caught myself whistling, humming and singing it out many times over the past weekend since I first heard it, and it made me smile every time.

Overall it is everything a pop song needs to be, and it is sure to garner him a massive following. If this is what the man has to offer, then I will be at the frontlines of that following. There is nothing I didn’t like about it, my only concern being that it may be a little bit too Beatenberg-ish and could even be mistaken for them at first glance or casual listen. That said, it is a great song, and I cannot wait to see what he comes up with next.

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Listen to ‘Never Let Me Go’ on Deezer below.