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Manny Walters: Anecdotes

For those who haven’t heard of Manny Walters before, you need to know first of all that this man has an exceptional voice. It’s gritty and soulful. It’s one of those voices that could make anything sound good ala the phonebook.

The first few tracks of “Anecdotes” the guitar, drums and bass serve only as building blocks in what is very much a shrine to that voice. I can’t help but feel that they could be a bit more adventurous in the rhythm section, as even the blues greats would create a few interesting fills to break the repetition when playing the same rhythm for an entire song. As the album progresses my wishes are granted. I’d love to know whether they actually recorded this in the order that we’re hearing it. If so, then they have actually captured the sound of a band getting warming up, conquering their nerves and creating great music.

In the latter half of the album the instruments really start pulling their weight and with ‘The Baptist’ the album reaches its pinnacle. The addition of an electric organ with its shimmering tremolo works beautifully with Walters’ style, throwing back to early blues and rock music of the ‘60s.

Songs are often focussed on a specific meditation that is being hammered home. It’s refreshing that every song does not need a chorus, bridge or second verse – ‘Kookend’ in particular is only the length of its two repeated verses.

“Anecdotes” is a soulful and down-to-earth EP that that evolves throughout its six tracks, ‘The Baptist’ in particular proves that Manny Walters and his band are highly capable. There are very few current SA singers that possess the vocal chops that Manny Walters does and we a solid support system he will certainly go on to do great things.

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