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Adelle Nqeto: Sailor’s Draw

Adello Nqeto of the Pretoria-based folk duo, Flint Meet Spark also seems to have some serious solo talent. Her third and latest, unaccompanied track is ‘Sailor’s Draw’. Described by Nqeto as “a song about starting over” it explores this theme in a series of sailor-derived metaphors (“Hold steady now/I’m headed for the shore”) and tinkling melody.

Delicate acoustic guitar is overlain by silky smooth vocals. The guitar work, while skilled and perfectly exhibited, slightly lacks the zesty edge required to flesh out a track consisting solely of vocals and guitar – on the other hand Nqeto’s vocals are blissfully without fault. Her use of her high, breathy range added a tinkling, almost ethereal quality to the song as a whole, complimenting – and to an extent making up for – the monotony of the guitar.

Accompanied only by a guitar, Adello Nqeto delivers several extremely impressive elements in this delicate track, the closing verse further demonstrates Nqeto’s exquisite vocal range as she pulls the song down an entire octave to finish. This adds quite a contrast to the track’s previous fairy-like quality, bringing the song to an unexpected, nonetheless arresting, end.

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Listen to ‘Sailor’s Draw’ below.