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ChianoSky: Inferno

Chianosky received massive recognition for her debut album, “Hungry” in 2012. She was nominated for five South African Music Awards in 2013 – an extremely impressive feat for a newcomer to South Africa’s music scene. The 22 year old singer is known for her incredible vocal range as well as the electronic accompaniment and seems dedicated to push her music as far as she can.

The best way to describe her latest musical project is layered – layers upon layers of symphonic production, instrumental incorporation, heavy baselines and admirable vocals dominate this album. The sound of “Inferno” is said to be inspired by the sex appeal of the ’60’s and ’70’s and certainly seems to live up to that, rhe first few tracks are as sexy and sultry as it comes. Heavy low-range vocals and ringing baselines are accompanied by slick, jangling electric additions.

ChianoSky’s genre is wide, stretching to a point where it is difficult to categorise at all. Modern-space-galactic-funk seems to aptly sum it up, with strong elements of modern pop to mix things up a bit. In fact, ChianoSky considers “Inferno” to be “an outer world” album. An ambitious statement. Although the entire album’s electric roots do tend to stray in the direction of what could be considered as intergalactic – some elements even some close to being comparable to soundtracks of an animated outer space expedition.

The songs do tend to slightly bleed into one another, their similarity in parts a tad too much. In fact, if you weren’t paying close attention the album could blend into one 40 minute track. Unusual elements injected here and there – such as the incorporation of a track featuring rapper Kae Em, or the bizarrely wonderful 39 second ‘Cosmic Pop Intro’ – shake things up a bit.

‘Release The Demons’ is a slightly less electronically-driven track. The incorporation of trumpets and bass guitar as well as Chianosky’s use of a noticeably higher vocal range makes the song a breath of fresh air.

An album that will surely be remembered for the songstress’ impressive pop vocals and slick production.

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