Opinion Review

Early Hours: Dance Along

Early Hours’ new single, ‘Dance Along’, is everything one would expect from the indie band – catchy, cutesy and carefree.

With a bouncy guitar riff reminiscent of Vampire Weekend, the track’s intro entices listeners from the first seconds. From there, Jake Bennett’s smooth, nearly flawless vocals are anything but monotonous as they perfectly complement the many tempo changes that make this track interesting.

I am sure there will be no shortage of swooning girls at the front row of gigs who will be screaming along to every lyric of the ‘Dance Along’. Albeit a tongue-twister, even those unfamiliar with the band will undoubtedly be singing the chorus louder than the Early Hours themselves.

The fact that whilst listening to this song my sister could not keep her feet from tapping along, even though she was writing an Economics thesis, is a testament to Early Hours’ talent. The last thirty seconds of the track are distinguished by a complete rhythmic change which is enhanced by the repetition of “It’s alright if you want to dance along”.

Amongst the multitude of indie-sounding bands in this country, Early Hours stand head and shoulders above the rest.

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Listen to ‘Dance Along’ below on Deezer.