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Go Barefoot Release Debut Single & Video For ‘I Won’t Back Down’

Five-piece alternative rock band Go Barefoot released their debut single ‘I Won’t Back Down’ and its accompanying video this morning. The Joburg-hailing band’s sound is vibrant and rollicking, getting your foot tapping in no time – the perfect medium for dragging you out of the winter’s gloom.

The video begins with a black VW Beetle spluttering to a standstill on a deserted highway at dusk. Instead of succumbing to the stress of the situation, the band members break into a spontaneous rendition of their single while attempting to push-start their car. I would personally consider this a tribute to the song’s title given the band’s insistence not to let a little thing such as the breaking down of their vehicle dampen their spirits.

I would also like to think that the music video pays homage to the band as a whole. Going “barefoot” suggests a raw, down to earth, very natural sound. The performance of the single delivered in the video takes place in nature, entirely unplugged and acoustic. Being barefoot suggests a direct connectivity with yourself and your surroundings and the setting for the video (in the middle of nowhere) further exhibits the idea of being in touch with your surroundings without the distractions of city life. At the same time the idea of a journey being incorporated into the video could also relate to their debut EP’s title, “Routes”.

There are several small details in the video which add lovely elements of the out-of-the-ordinary, such as the drawing of piano keys taped to the passenger window which suggests the constant presence of music in their lives. The video was shot in one take by Thomas Revington (Shortstraw) who also conceived the initial idea for it.

You can catch this lively addition to our local music scene at OppiKoppi on the 9th of August, as well as at Rise and Shine on the 22nd of August.

“Routes” is also available in hard copy at Wolves Cafe in Illovo, as well as online. Watch the video below.