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Let’s Clear The Air

So I have never been big on posting my personal life on social media. Yes I’ve posted some pics and occasionally a cute story about my kids. And obviously I’ve written opinion pieces, shown pictures of what I am up to and all that. I’ve never changed who I am, what I’ve stood for and what I believe in. So I’ve never really felt any major effects of being in the public eye. Yes, people I don’t know come up and talk to me. I take photos with people, I answer their emails. I’ve even had a nasty person put his “face” on my Dave Grohl picture (and that shit went viral).

I’ve always been open and honest on radio about myself, but I’ve never really spoken about big life-changing events that have happened to me.

To put things into perspective about what it’s like being on radio – no one gives a shit if you, as a presenter, are having a bad day. That microphone goes on and you’re supposed to be happy. People listening need you to be happy, so that as a listener you can feel good. Of course you talk about issues, but you don’t sit there crying about your life.

My dad died a couple of years ago, I went into work the next day and no one even suspected how sad I was, how hard it was to keep it together at every single moment. One day I had to put my dog down and a few hours later I went into work, no one would have known that I had been crying for hours beforehand.

Last year I got divorced after being separated for over a year-and-a-half. In that entire time, only my friends knew. I didn’t talk about it on social media or on radio. When I got divorced, I even changed my Facebook settings to private and clicked that divorce button. My agent wanted to write a press release, I said no. I’m not that sort of person that wants their personal shit everywhere. I also felt like a failure. I failed at my marriage. It has taken me a long time to not feel like that anymore. I’m not a failure. Life happens and we learn from things, we get over things and we move on. I am a stronger woman for it.

Which brings me to why I am actually telling this now. I started seeing someone. Little did I know, that I couldn’t just start seeing someone and go places with this person and kiss them in public and think that everything would be fine. People started asking questions. A lot of people still think I’m married (my mistake for not saying anything), so seeing me with someone else, makes them think that I am not faithful, with is not true.

So, I’m clearing the air, and making sure as many people know as possible. I’m divorced. I’m seeing a guy who is amazing, kind, beautiful and most importantly makes me happy.

It sucks to have to explain it. But unfortunately in this day and age, sometimes we have to.

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