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Night Of 1000 Drawings Returns

The celebrated Night of a 1000 Drawings fundraising exhibition is back and will be taking place in November this year. The idea of the event is collection of A5 art pieces are donated by anyone who wants to participate and is then sold to the public to raise funds for a charity.

The organizing committee was so impressed by the last event’s dazzling display of doodles and drawings, that they have decided to extend the design element to photos, oils, ceramics, embroidery, watercolours and more – as long as it is A5!

This year’s charity drive is to raise funds for education in South Africa. The Streetlight Schools is a non-profit initiative aimed at creating affordable primary schools through improved teaching practices, access to technology, cost-effectiveness and modern skill development and the first school is set to start in January of 2016.

“This is such a great showing of community coming out and supporting each other. It’s fantastic to see people of all races, creeds and colors, drawing and inspiring together and ultimately showing up on the night to have a good time,” Kelly McGillivray, 1000 Drawings leader, said “and we’re all here for the same reason – to make a difference for the kids of the future.”

Leading up to the big event, a number of Doodle Sessions or Doodle –Do’s will take place in and around Johannesburg. The idea is for anyone to come along and bring a few of their friends, some art materials and their creative thinking caps – and get doodling. A cash bar will be available.

If you are unable to make the Doodle-Do’s sessions, a number of Drop-box stations have been placed in numerous coffee shops and establishments around Johannesburg – check out the website for more details

All doodles handed in will go into the pool for the Night of 1000 Drawings 2015 exhibition and open to public to buy at a reasonable price.

Be sure to be a part of this magical event and help make a difference whilst having a ball.



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