Opinion Review

PHfat & Al Bairre: Caviar Dreams

When I listen to this song I picture a King Cone ice cream. Delicious from the moment you unwrap it, but it’s that sneaky chocolate filling in the bottom of the wafer cone that you really want to reach. Unfortunately, when you do hit chocolate, there’s only one bite left and it’s finished. The chocolate is Smooth Mike’s raps and we hardly get a chance to enjoy what’s on offer before it ends, like it was never there. That being said, the combination of Al Bairre and PHfat is more perfect than any of us could have imagined.

The level of songwriting skill in this pairing is formidable, both acts are responsible for the most infectious tracks on rotation at the moment and if you haven’t already noticed, Narch can flex some serious pop devastation when required. The guitar chords and beat construction offer a slick balance between each group’s sound. Nic Preen’s vocals will make the girls swoon, while the twins sound as ethereal as always and if you listen really closely you can hear Mike’s falsetto magic harmonizing in the chorus.

But, can we all just shout out in our best Christopher Walken voice, “We need more Smooth Mike!”

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Listen to ‘Caviar Dreams’ below.