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Raptors & Remnants: See You Around

‘See You Around’ is the newest release from Johannesburg-based Raptors and Remnants, Nicholas Gonzalez’s (Climate Control) solo project. The new track encompasses the acoustic folk aesthetic the project has adopted.

It starts with a catchy chorus that becomes a mantra repeated throughout. This chorus is sung over a background of rhythm guitar that is smooth, if not slightly repetitive. The steady drumline adds another element to the track whilst maintaining its simplistic nature.

With raw lyrics, the track will resonate with listeners. This lyrical honesty is emanated throughout ‘See You Around’. Gonzalez’s clear voice also makes these words even more poignant.

I felt that the song was a bit monotonous which could have been avoided by intensifying the guitar interlude which arrives at the two minute mark. Similarly, the vocal harmony at the end of the track could have been elongated.

I think the track’s cyclic tone may fail to capture audience’s full attention but I’m interested to hear new material from Raptors and Remnants that hone in on the project’s melodic, easy-listening attributes.

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Listen to ‘See You Around’ below.