Opinion Review

Richard Liefeldt: Always On My Mind

Although the track initially sounds augmented due to the contrast between rhythm and lead guitar, it quickly settles into its groove. Throughout the track Richard Liefeldt (Retro Dizzy front man) croons lyrics whilst altering the dragging of his vowels in such a manner that creates vocal diversity.

This track can be considered to be on the opposite end of the continuum to the hard-hitting energy of Retro Dizzy. Instead, this track is minimalistic with only guitars and vocals serving as a far more vulnerable offering from Liefeldt. This openness is perfectly summarised by lyrics such as: “Hold me until I crumble in your hands”.

It would be a stretch to label this song as polished. The vocals and guitars are far from being perfectly on key at all times. However, these imperfections add to the dreamlike aura created by the track.

‘Always on my Mind’ is just like Cape Town’s weather at the moment – gloomy and sombre. We all know that sometimes tapping into the melancholic beauty of songs is the only way to make yourself feel better. I look forward to see how Liefeldt develops his sound in future tracks.

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